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  1. food kozyMy package arrived on a perfect morning as I was taking my daughter on a picnic and in my letterbox my 'Food Kozy's' had arrived from My Friendly Lunchbox.
    The reusable wraps (2 in each pack) is a very innovative idea and I love it! The idea means you save money and you save plastic being wasted.
    I was making us some sandwiches for our picnic and thought I would pop them in the wrap, which has a velcro strip to keep them in place. Later on in the evening, I cooked some chicken and had some leftover so thought I would wrap it in another of the Food Kosy's which worked really well.The non-toxic alternate wrap also doubles as a placemat so great if you are out an about.
    Also the best thing is you can wash/rinse the food kozy's in the sink, leave to air dry and reuse them again and again. Perfect for picnics, school lunchboxes, leftovers and anything else you can think of!
    Forget foil, clingfilm or sandwich bags, you will never use them again after you have used a 'Food Kozy'! Only £7 for a set of two, you can't go wrong as this is a great investement for a must-needed item in the kitchen.
    For more information and to buy, please visit