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Kalide Game Review

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So, another week and another game to review from the brilliant Blog Match and Imagination Games.

kalideThis week is Kalide, which is a magnetic battle game for players aged 8+ and is for 2 players only.

I played this with my daughter Ashleigh, who is 5 years old. Despite it not being her age range this was perfect for her and she enjoyed playing the game.

The idea of the game is that you sit either end of the magnetic mat and take it in turns to flick, slide and collide your magnetic pucks to each side to score points. You can also try and knock your oppositions pucks off the mat and after three rounds you can count your scores to find the winner!

A great game which dosen't take too much thought but a bit of practise!

The game can be bought from Amazon here for £19.99.

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