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My Soap Suds Review...

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I was asked to review an Aleppo Soap Bar a few weeks ago and have been trialling it out over the past 7-10 days.

Aleppo Soap is completely natural, and contains no perfumes, colours or other addictives. It’s principal ingredients are olive oil and bay leaf oil and the best bit is – no chemicals. The traditional recipe of the soap has been made in Aleppo, Syria for thousands of years.

When the soap arrived in the post I thought it looked natural and liked that it had been stamped by hand before being left to set. I was surprised how big it was (I certianly was getting value for money!) and I actually cut it into two so that I could trial it out and so could my daughter Ashleigh, who is 4 years old.

I used it when showering in the morning and I loved the natural scent that seemed to stay in the bathroom even after my shower. The soap lathered well and I even used it on my legs when shaving, which left my skin so soft. I have very sensitive skin on my legs after shaving and can sometimes come out in a shaving rash but this was great.

My daughter used it whilst in the bath and she said she also loved the smell. Her skin was also soft too.

This isn’t a normal bar of soap as this can also be used as a shampoo, conditoner, face soap, body soap and shaving cream!

The big 200g bar means it will last ages and its a bargain at only £4.99. Would certainly buy in the future.

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