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Best Baby Shower - Fab Games!

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We were recently asked to review some exclusive Baby Shower Party Games from Best Baby Shower.
The A4 3 Folded Game arrived and we loved the look and quality of this game, and it is very colourful. The contents include 5 fab party games that can be used for Baby Showers and has a fab poem on the front willing you to open it up and start playing!
The five games are as follows:-
  • Baby Animals - Match the animals to the name of their baby.
  • A - Z Baby Names - Write down a baby name starting with each letter of the alphabet for a boy and girl.
  • Baby Anagrams - Unscramble baby and pregnancy words.
  • Finish the Nursery Rhyme - Complete the lines of these famous Nursery Rhymes in the fastest time to win!
  • Baby Wordsearch - A Baby Wordsearch!
The games are well thought and linked to mums-to-be and we think a great idea to get that mummy brain going!
The games card also comes with a postcard size card which on one side is a 'Baby Birth Sweepstake' where you can put your predicitions of the birth and the other side where you can put your helpful piece of advice to the mum-to-be.
These are great fun - we just hope we get invited to a Baby Shower soon!
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