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We were filmed for the BBC!

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We had received a Media Request that the BBC were looking for a mum to come on their programme Money Watch that was being filmed for the BBC2, so we decided to give it a go!
So yesterday, off I went to Birmingham on what was a lovely sunny day. I arrived feeling nervous and not knowing much about what was going to happen. I was told prior that it would include a lively debate on whether some proffessions are paid too much money and what they are really worth.
When I arrived I walked into a handful of people sat around a table chatting. They has supplied us wth drinks, sandwiches and cakes and in the end everyone got chatting. We were told we needed to one by one have our photo taken and filiming would start in one hour.... still not knowing much about the format!
After about an hour and a half, we were ushered into a beautiful studio overlooking Birmingham City Centre and I was told I was on the panel! I was sat next to a Bus Driver and a entrepreneur who owned his own business and withdrew a six figure salary for himself last year! We were the only three on the panel. We then had microphones put on and some wads of cash (unfortunately fake!) put on our table with a board for us to write notes.
The lovely Sophie Raworth from BBC News was the presenter so she started her bit. The 8 other proffessions included a Solicitor, GP, Arcitect, Plumber (who owned his own business), Driving Instructor, Air Steward, Hopsital Cleaner and HGV Driver. They were each called forward to Sohpie and was interviewed. Each of us then on the panel had to ask our own questions which included things like 'why do you think you are worth more money?' After each one had been called forward they then left the room.
Us on the panel then had photographs put in front of us of each person (X-Factor stylee!) and we had to be filmed whilst placing them in line on who should be paid the lowest, highest etc and why. The 8 proffessions wages added upto £330,000 in reality and we had to then divide this amount up into how we thought was right. We then had a big brown envelope with each proffessions names on and we had to write their salaries on each one that we had chosen. It was then time for them to come back into the room.
It was then time for us to reveal one by one what we had given them. I was chosen to do this. I had to say 'Driving Instructer we give you.....' then pause for 5 dramatic seconds before turning the envelope around and announcing their amount... they then had to reveal the salary they really got. Some were pleased and some weren't! It was then there turn to ask qestions as to why we had maybe give them more or less which turned into a bit of a heated debate!
It was such an amazing day, and six hours of filming will be turned into just 5-10 minutes so it was a long tiring, hot day but well worth it!
I don't want to reveal too much so watch the programme! 'Money Watch' will be aired on BBC2 at 8pm on the 7th July 2010.

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  1. Fantastic ! Well done - look forward to watch the programme - You are a celeb now! Ipshita

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