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Why I love Blogging...

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GBBLOGI am writing this blog as part of The Great British Blog Festival to celebrate and discuss everything we like about blogging.
I am single mum to Ashleigh 4 years old, and I am owner of Rentabuggy. I am also Co-Founder of Networking Mummies with Joanne Dewberry of Charlie Moos.
So why do I love blogging? I have to say when I heard about blogging I wasn't too sure if I would have the time or content ability to keep it up and it took me a long time to actually start one.
I think blogging is a great way to talk about what is happening with your business and informing customers of new products, special offers and articles. I now blog 2-3 times a week, and this is always about business and not personal but I now make it an essential item on my weekly 'to do' list.
IAnother great incentive is that it also means that you can add tags and keywords within your blog content to increase your google rankings.
So my advice, don't hang back, promoting and social networking is a massive part of moving a business forward at the moment as it is how everyone communicates. If you don't have a blog built into your website try Wordpress, which is easy to use and navigate.
Have fun and get blogging!

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  1. I agree with you that blogging is another key way to engage & interact with customers & partners, sharing uesful, relevant content. Being an online retailer means you don't necessarily have a physical shop to meet your customers, but you can 'chat' to them via your blog & facebook pages.

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