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Now stocking the Original UV Buggy Blanket!

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uvbuggyblanketWe are pleased to announce we are now stocking the Original UV Buggy Blanket to buy in our 'Accessories Shop'
The Original UV Buggy Cover is a detachable lightweight fabric purposely designed to protect children against the sun's harmful rays whilst seated or lying down in their buggy or pushchair. The cover has a UV protecton of SPF 40+.

The UV Buggy Cover is secured on both sides of the buggy frame across the child my means of four velcro straps. The straps can easily be undone to remove the cover after use. For storage, the cover can be folded up neatly into a small square until needed again. The cover is universal and can be attached to most leading buggy and pushchair brands.

The cover is 100% Nylon to ensure durability and although not cotton, the material has the same feel and similar breatheable properties as cotton to keep the child cool. It is also shower and wind resistant, and therefore suitable for all weather conditions. The cover is machine washable on a 40 degree cycle and it can be ironed.

Dimensions: 18 inches x 24 inches (1457 mm x 560 mm) Each velcro strap is 8" long.

Colours: Blue, Pink or Cream. Price £14.99 including First Class Postage (Please allow 2-3 Days)

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