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How to choose the right pushchair for you?

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When you are pregnant there is so much choice out there for pushchairs and it is an expensive item to buy so you need to have a good think about what pushchair would be right for you. So take into consideration the folllowing:
  1. Where would you use your pushchair the most? i.e. shopping, holidays.
  2. How often would you use it? Would it be daily?
  3. Would you use it mainly on roads or off roads?
  4. Do you use public transport alot?
There is a wealth of information out there but there are certain pushchairs that are better for different things. For example for a basic umbrella stoller that reclines etc, Maclaren Techno is great. The Techno model is also good for shopping and for using o public transport as it is quite lightweight and can easily be folded down. If you are looking for a pushchair that will be used more off road then look at models like Phil and Teds and Jane as these have pump up tyres.
We are happy to provide any advice on a suitable pushchair for your needs, just email us at
By using our service, you get to try before you buy and we also offer the option of purchasing the pushchair at a discounted rate afterwards if you like it!

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