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What should you look for in a safe pushchair/pram?

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What should I look for in a safe pram?


A pram should be sturdy with the wheels intact. There are a few models, where the wheels can come quite lose after some use, but these can easily be tightened up. Also check the safety harnesses are intact with no rips and tears. Also check the brakes lock on and off.


What are the safety requirements of a pram?


All prams and pushchairs should be labelled with the name, trademark and identification of either, the UK manufacturer, distributor or retailer. It should also be marked with the number and date of the British Standard, i.e. BS7409: 1996.


How do I choose the right pram for me?


Choosing the right pram can be daunting, especially when there are so many models available. You should decide a price range, as some can be very expensive. Have a think about what and where you will use your pushchair most. Maybe, you tend to walk a lot and sometimes not just sticking to roads, in this case it might be a good suggestion to look at a pram when you can inflate and replace the tyres like a Phil & Teds. If you use public transport a lot you might prefer a simple umbrella fold stroller that is lightweight. Maclaren Techno is good for this.


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