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Top Tips on Travelling with Children

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Top Tips on Travelling with Children.



Your holiday is booked and now all you have to worry about is how to entertain your little ones on the journey and then there is all the packing and the ‘extra’ items you need to take!


Whether you are going abroad or holidaying in the UK, there always seems so much to organise. We have out top 5 tips for travelling with children:


1.)    For long trips whether it is in the car or on a flight, make up a little pack of ‘new’ toys/activities that you can give to your little ones before the journey starts. Because, they are new it also means that they won’t get so bored easily. You don’t have to spend much money either. You can include a pack of cards, a small pack of crayons and a little colouring book with stickers. Fuzzy Felts is always a good one too.

2.)    If you are driving, always take a break. This will ensure that your child has a chance to stretch off. It is also a good idea to take some finger snacks or fruit and some drink within the car. Some good ideas are raisins, bananas, breadsticks etc.

3.)    Try to utilise the items you are taking to minimise packing. Nappy Bags are also great for holding wet swimsuits and baby wipes are essential. They are great for cleaning hands, bums and any other messes along the way.

4.)    Always, remember a First Aid Kit especially if in a foreign Country. It is easy to forget a First Aid Kit but it is essential. If you use Calpol or any other related medicines, it can be difficult to find or even ask for this abroad, so always take what you use, as at least you know what you are using and its safe.

5.)    Lastly, if you are struggling to get everything in the car, hire the equipment. Here at Rentabuggy we provide a Holiday Rental Service Nationwide. We stock a range of Pushchairs, Travel Cots, Highchairs, Stairgates, Sterilisers and more. We have also just launched our Holiday Welcome Packs, full of all the essentials you need for your holiday. All items are delivered and collected from your place of stay so it minimises your stress too! You can find out more information and book online at


Written by Laura Morris


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