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As a mother of 3 grown up children and now a grandmother . I can appreciate how much equipment a little person needs through the various stages of growing up.

From the new-born pram and the car seats  on to the baby bouncers and swings to the high chairs, cots and  strollers . The list is endless .  How expensive it is to buy and how much storage is required?

I remember having a loft full of ‘stuff’ .  I imagine up and down the country there are similar lofts doing the same. Today with the changing trends and types of equipment out there the choice is enormous and the cost extreme.  In mostcases only for a few months of use.

At Rentabuggy I have tried to make hiring your baby equipment needs simple and cost effective, so that if you want to try before you buy ,or are just visiting family and  friends, but don’t want to have to bring everything with you  Rentabuggy can provide you with those items and deliver them directly to where you need them.  I am really looking forward to being of service to you and your family and together with Rentabuggy’s   sister company  at  The Baby Loft  , I hope to be able to cover all your hiring requirements .

Jane Roberts


The Baby Loft UK

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